A Close Look At TREASURE’s Special Custom-Made Microphones

Here’s what we know about them.

TREASURE may be the newest group in YG Entertainment, having debuted in August 2020, but they already have special items just like their seniors.

TREASURE | YG Entertainment

One of this is their custom-made microphones. Though it is only a single aspect of their stage, it still leaves a big impact on viewers.

Yedam with his custom-made mic

In a video released by CaseBros, fans got to see the items up close. The microphone model was “SKM 9000” from the brand Sennheiser. It can be bought online for almost $3,000 USD and a customized one can be worth several times more.

TREASURE’s mics came in a “1615 Air Case” from Pelican, a company known for their protective gear. Wherever TREASURE performs, they will be able to bring their mics with them.

Each of the 12 members have their own devices that they have been using for several months.

Yoshi with his custom-made mic
Hyunsuk with his custom-made mic

They have diamonds on each of them, slowly forming the group’s logo. They even come in TREASURE’s signature color, sky blue. The distinct shade makes it look expensive and helps it stand out from the usual microphones that most groups use.

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TREASURE’s mics are as special as their owners!

Source: YouTube