TREASURE’s Doyoung Changed One Thing In His Routine To Get Rock Hard Abs For T5’s Debut

And he succeeded!

TREASURE‘s newest unit group is T5, made up of members Jihoon, Junkyu, Junghwan, Jaehyuk, and Doyoung. They recently released the dance practice video for their song “MOVE.”

It is the first time the group had a concept as sexy as this one. Case in point: fans went wild when they saw them raise their shirts and expose their rock-hard abs.

In the latest TMI episode, Doyoung talked about what he did to get his body ready for this part.

His main secret was gaining weight. He modified his diet to focus on chicken breasts as his main meal, one of the richest sources of protein and a necessity when working out.

I’ve been eating one chicken breast per meal since a month ago to gain weight.

— Doyoung

Known as “bulking” in the fitness world, he increased his muscle mass by eating in a caloric surplus and lifting heavier weights, thus building more muscle. He spent more time at the gym, joining his “gym buff” members in their consistent routines.

I worked out a lot with Jihoon and Junghwan and learned a lot from them. I’ll move forward even more now.

— Doyoung

Doyoung even noticed that he can now do more push-up repetitions in a row without feeling tired.

I can easily do 30 push-ups now.

— Doyoung

The other T5 members noticed the effects of his hard work. Maknae Junghwan said that “his body has definitely” bulked up while Jihoon added, “Your body has changed so much.”

At the end of the day, Doyoung worked harder than ever to improve his physique for the sake of T5’s debut. Since “MOVE” was a sexy concept, he tried his best to look sexy as well.

I should adjust myself to the concept, right?

— Doyoung

Check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube