TREASURE Re-Enacts The Iconic Beach Scene From “Goblin,” And Fans Are Loving Their Performances

They were award-winning!

TREASURE has recently taken fans to some of their favorite places in Korea through their Find Your Korea series. For their final stop, Jihoon, Asahi, Haruto, and Yedam took fans to Gangneung.

One of the first places they went was Yeongjin beach which is best known for being the filming location for the hit K-Drama series Goblin. With that in mind, they knew that the first thing on their to-do list was to reenact some scenes from the classic series.

The first duo up was Haruto and Yedam, and they recreated one of the show’s first scenes where Eun Tak (played by Kim Go Eun) and Kim Shin (played by Gong Yoo) first meet after she accidentally summons him.

As soon as the scene started, the members became true actors as Yedam played the role of Kim Shin and Haruto played Eun Tak. Armed with a replica scarf, Haruto became his character speaking to Yedam, who could easily be mistaken for Gong Yoo’s iconic character.

Even with the strong winds, they both stayed immersed in the role until it became too much and the other members couldn’t hear them. Luckily, they finished with the much-loved OST “Beautiful,” which was the perfect end to their performance.

Jihoon and Asahi were up next! With the same scene and props, it was time for fans to see their interpretation with Asahi as Kim Shin and Jihoon as Eun Tak. Straight away, their audience seemed encaptured by their performance, and Yedam couldn’t hide his emotions!

Finishing the scene, the duo portrayed perfect chemistry and embodied their characters perfectly. Ending with the OST sung by Haruto, it was another amazing performance that could easily rival the original series.

After the video was released, TREASURE’s fans couldn’t hide their excitement and took to social media to praise the idol’s performance!

With all the TREASURE members already certified as actors in the web series, It’s Okay, That’s Friendship, fans would happily see more of the members acting, especially after these performances. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: TREASURE and FI