TREASURE Once Held An Aegyo Battle, And It Will Make Even Non-Fans Fall In Love

They’re the cutest!

Aegyo is one of the most common requests in the Korean entertainment industry. Characterized by making idols do extremely cute actions, it’s a fan favorite for a reason! Though some are slightly cringe-worthy (and no one more than the idols themselves cringe hardest), others are surprisingly good at it.

TREASURE showed off their cuteness expertise in the eleventh episode of TREASURE MAP. The twelve members were separated into two teams, and they each had to send a representative to the aegyo battle. The goal was to persist against the other team’s aegyo attacks by not laughing so they could eventually win snacks!

The first competition had Junkyu, one of TREASURE’s visuals, and Jihoon, one of their leaders, pitted against each other. The latter went first, pulling a unique tactic that showed off his defined biceps.

For the next round, Yedam and Doyoung both used their stuffed toys to show off their cute looks.

Though most non-fans may think that the cutest members are the youngest ones, Jeongwoo and Junghwan weren’t as natural at it as initially expected. They still produced laughs from the other members, however, so they were doing some things right!

Meanwhile, the visual duo and pair of best friends, Asahi and Jaehyuk, used their faces to get each other locked in their charms.

If you’re into surprisingly eccentric aegyo, Asahi is the one for you!

If you want childish cuteness, it’s Yoshi that’s the best!

Undoubtedly the toughest aegyo battle was between TREASURE’s eldest, Hyunsuk, and their resident cutie, Mashiho. The latter went all out with his aegyo, plopping down on all fours and opening his eyes wide.

Hyunsuk wasn’t ready to lose either! He confidently invaded the younger idol’s personal face and put on a baby voice and innocent expression.

In the end, Hyunsuk’s team had the best aegyo and aegyo resistance. If you wish to see their adorable moves some more, check out the full video below!