TREASURE’s Hyunsuk Did The Sweetest Thing For Junghwan When His Heart Was “Broken”

What a great hyung!

TREASURE‘s Hyunsuk is everyone’s beloved eldest member and co-leader! He may only be 21 years old, but he knows how to take care of his “kids” especially maknae Junghwan.

| Weekly Idol

In episode 37 of TREASURE MAP, fans were taken behind the scenes of their Korean web drama It’s Okay, That’s Friendship. Junghwan was one of the main characters who was close to Haruto, the guy who (spoiler alert!) ended up with his newest interest, Junkyu.


Well, Junghwan didn’t need to be too sad since he had Hyunsuk right by his side! The co-leader took him out to get some fresh air in between takes.

Because of Junkyu and Haruto, Junghwan’s heart is breaking. In order to gently tend his wound [we came to see the snow].

— Hyunsuk

It was even more special than usual because it was Junghwan’s first snow this winter.

In the middle of their jam-packed schedule, they played around with each other and relieved their stress.

It feels good to step on fresh snow!

— Hyunsuk

Fans were treated to a surprise gift when Junghwan and Hyunsuk wrote “TREASURE Maker” (their fanclub name) on a car window.

As a cuter homage, the leader requested TREASURE Map‘s editors to put an ampersand or “and” between the writing and their selfie, showing how they’re one.

Hilariously, when asked if he was feeling better from his heartbreak, Junghwan pretended to mope once again.

I guess not…

— Junghwan

Shouting, “Sorry, it’s my bad!”, Hyunsuk ran away from Junghwan’s snowball throw while the editors aptly captioned the scene: “Time will heal everything.”

Check out the full video below!