TREASURE’s Jeongwoo Felt A Little Jealous Of Haruto And Junghwan—Here’s Why

It’s okay, Jeongwoo! 😂

TREASURE recently released Episode 55 of their YouTube reality series, TREASURE MAP where they were café owners for a day. In preparation for the event, they made their own special menu, decorated the area, and invited fans to their opening.


For the latter segment, TREASURE Makers submitted entries online which included a message to the members and their own contact details. The ones who stood out were given a chance to talk to TREASURE themselves!

Doyoung talking to a fan | TREASURE/YouTube

Of course, it meant that their biases were revealed more often than not. One member only had eyes for Hyunsuk

I’ve stanned Hyunsuk since TREASURE BOX and MIXNINE.


…and one loved Junghwan and Haruto the most.

Junghwan (Left) and Haruto (Right) | YG TREASURE BOX

The fan wrote, “I’ll be a T-Maker for life. As much as I wish the best for my future, I wish [an even better future for] Junghwan and Haruto.”

Because Haruto and Jeongwoo were both born in 2004, the latter couldn’t help but express his jealousy at being left out!

Why leave me out? Hang on. Why not me when I’m Haruto’s age?

— Jeongwoo

Hilariously, he decided to ask the source herself! He told the crew, “Let me call and ask her.”

Jeongwoo asked the fan why he was not one of her favorites, and she responded consolingly that she loves the entire group.

Jeongwoo: Junghwan and Haruto’s futures are bright, but what about my future?

Fan: I wish the best for all your futures. Please don’t get hurt.

They ended on a good note as Jeongwoo told her, “I’m just kidding.” Meanwhile, his fellow members—especially Haruto and Junghwan—couldn’t stop laughing at their exchange.

Luckily for him, later that day, another fan screamed ecstatically after he introduced himself, proving that his star power is still there!

Catch the full video below!

Source: YouTube