The Reality Of How Hard It Is To Balance School And Idol Life, According To TREASURE’s Jihoon

They work hard 😢

TREASURE‘s Jihoon and Hyunsuk recently sat down for a live broadcast with fans where they talked about everything from the former’s time as an Inkigayo MC to the group’s recent comeback with “JIKJIN.”

When it was brought up that Hyunsuk is currently in college, Jihoon shared the behind-the-scenes hardships that the members face as K-Pop idols and students.

The college students, except for me and Junkyu, are so busy with the schedules and listening to the lectures.

— Jihoon

Hyunsuk agreed that he’s “in trouble” because of how demanding school is.

They weren’t only busy this “JIKJIN” comeback but since debut. Jihoon confirmed that they had an especially hard time in 2020, the year TREASURE debuted. From “BOY” in August to “I LOVE YOU” in September, “MMM” in November, and “MY TREASURE” in January 2021, their schedules were packed with practicing, performing, and promoting their albums. They could count the number of days they could rest in two hands.

We had four promotions in 2020-2021. During seven months, we had ten rests.

— Jihoon

Jihoon continued to detail what he went through as a student-idol back in 2020. Every spare second he had was dedicated to finishing his assignments.

When we debuted, balancing it with college was the most difficult part. If the schedule ended early in the morning, I had to leave in two hours but I spent that time doing assignments. It wasn’t good if I didn’t.

— Jihoon 


Jihoon noted that everything was fast paced for him. If he slowed down even just a little, he would be left behind in class.

If I were slow in typing, I couldn’t have finished it.

— Jihoon

When it comes to studying, everyone in TREASURE works hard. Yoshi, for instance, once had an entire “3-Minute TREASURE” episode where he showed fans how he studied for an upcoming qualification exam.

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