TREASURE’s Jihoon And Hyunsuk Were Recognized On The Street—And They Had The Most Adorable Reactions

They’re the cutest!

TREASURE‘s Hyunsuk and Jihoon returned with another episode of Idol Ramyeonators. In Episode 3, they walked around town together while searching for popular noodle restaurants. They also held a simple activity where they looked for TREASURE MAKERS in between meals.

Jihoon went up to two random students and asked, “Do you know TREASURE?” After several seconds of silence, he clapped and said a quick goodbye.

Luckily, the pair soon encountered people who did recognize them. One girl shouted, “They’re celebs!” Jihoon and Hyunsuk burst out into laughter, surprised at the enthusiastic response.

When the student called out the name of their latest hit, “DARARI,” they were even more impressed. They grinned from ear to ear while greeting the group.

They joked after leaving that they were hot shots, saying, “Did you see that? Let’s walk cool.”

Jihoon even leaned on a random pole for a quick second. The editors of the show called it “the celeb’s pose” just like the recognized singer that was doing it!

Check out the full video below to see more adorable moments between the two TREASURE leaders!

Source: YouTube