TREASURE’s Jihoon Was Acknowledged By His Idol, iKON’s Jinhwan, And He Couldn’t Help But Feel Emotional

We love their friendship 🥺

The members of iKON take their roles as seniors seriously! Prior to TREASURE‘s debut in 2020, they were the youngest boy group in the company. Now seniors, they’re doing their part to encourage the younger generation.

In a bonus episode of Idol Ramyeonators, TREASURE talked about iKON and how they supported them during their TRACE concert held last April 9 to 10.

According to Yoshi, Donghyuk went out of his way to praise the 12 members after their performance. He was in disbelief at his senior’s casual but meaningful action.

Donghyuk said, ‘I like your performance‘ then he left.

— Yoshi

Jihoon commented, “You can never forget that.”

iKON’s Donghyuk | d830110

He then chimed in that Jinhwan also visited them backstage.

iKON’s Jinhwan | d830110

Both before and after the concert, he gave them words of encouragement that reflected his positive view of the group.

Today, before the concert, he was like, ‘Guys, you’ll be great. Good luck.’

— Jihoon

This was a huge deal to Jihoon since Jinhwan was the one who inspired him to become a singer. The latter was always known as an all-rounder with a “big brother” position in the group—much like Jihoon’s current role in TREASURE.

When I saw Jinhwan on ‘Who Is Next: WIN,’ I was like, ‘How can a trainee be that good? I wanna be a singer. I’ll be a singer.’

— Jihoon

The fact that his idol acknowledged him was something that he’ll never forget. It was a “new experience” that Jihoon will take with him forever as inspiration.

After the concert, he was like, ‘Good job.‘ That made me emotional. He inspired me to become a singer. He watched our performance, cheered us up, and supported us.

— Jihoon

This wasn’t the first time iKON supported TREASURE. Prior to the concert, they did their own cover of “JIKJIN” which included a recording of the song and a dance practice video.

Check out the full video below to learn more about TREASURE’s concert experience.

Source: YouTube