TREASURE’s Jihoon Agrees That He Takes Extra Good Care Of Fellow Member Jaehyuk—Here’s Why

Their friendship is precious!

When it comes to friendships within TREASURE, the bond of Jihoon and Jaehyuk is a special one. While the former often acts as a big brother or even father-like figure to the rest of the members, he pays particularly close attention to Jaehyuk’s growth.

Jihoon (Left) and Jaehyuk (Right) | @treasuremembers/Twitter

In an interview with 1theK, this fact was pointed out to the agreement of Jihoon. He talked about the time he left YG Entertainment prior to the survival program YG TREASURE BOX. When he came back, both he and Jaehyuk were placed in TREASURE B, fighting for their chance to debut.

When Jaehyuk first joined as a trainee, he didn’t really stand out. He was always barely getting by. [I] quit the company and returned [after I] was told to go out. Through a nice opportunity, [I] came back. At the time, Jaehyuk was a new trainee so I helped him out a lot. When we were on the same team, I told Jaehyuk that I’ll make sure he debuts.

— Jihoon

Jaehyuk joked to the complaints of his fellow members that without Jihoon, he wouldn’t be in TREASURE.

If you weren’t there, there would have been 11 members.

— Jaehyuk

This wasn’t the first time this topic was brought up. In Episode 7 of TREASURE MAP, Jaehyuk asked Jihoon why he always paid close attention to him.

I want to ask Jihoon something. From what I’m getting, I think ever since TREASURE BOX, you’ve been taking extra good care of me. Can you tell me why?

— Jaehyuk


Jihoon said the same thing then and now—that Jaehyuk reminded him of the time he himself struggled as a trainee: “You remind me of me.”

The TREASURE co-leader “wanted to be extra nice” to Jaehyuk knowing how a kind hand would have helped him back when he needed it the most.

You remind me of my old self so I wanted to be extra nice. The way I struggled as a trainee is much like what you faced. My heart went out for you.

— Jihoon

Because he “used to cry all time,” he wanted Jaehyuk to “find it easier” with his help.

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Jaehyuk could only comment in awe, “Jihoon’s so cool.”

One thing’s for sure, their friendship is precious!

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