TREASURE’s Jihoon Reveals That He Can See Ghosts…And We’re Lowkey Scared

We can’t get over how creepy his story was.

During a recent live broadcast, TREASURE‘s Jihoon shockingly shared that he’s seen tons of ghosts, and recounted the time he saw one back when he lived in Busan.

| @treasuremembers/Twitter

Jihoon revealed that he had his first bad nightmare back in middle school, and he discovered that he couldn’t move his body to wake up. Ever since then, he’s had repeated experiences of sleep paralysis.

Especially when I was a trainee, I had a lot of nightmares and saw a lot of ghosts.

— Jihoon

In the particular nightmare he was recounting, he shared that he saw a blue light.

Turns out, that blue light was a 4 meter tall ghost.

He wanted to look away, but couldn’t move his body.

Jihoon reassured fans that he doesn’t see ghosts when he’s out walking around, but only when he has these sorts of nightmares.

Either way, we’re getting goosebumps from how eerie his nightmare and ghost-sighting was.

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