A Close Look At YG Entertainment’s Luxurious Gym From The Eyes Of TREASURE’s Jihoon

It even has a kitchen!

Have you ever wondered what the inside of YG Entertainment looks like? Though TREASURE gave us a hint when they filmed their reality show, TREASURE MAP, there a few months ago, not every area was focused on.

Fortunately for us, TREASURE’s Jihoon gave fans another close look at the company’s incredible facilities in his solo TMI_LOG episode. He visited the gym for a workout session and showed everyone just how luxurious it is!


Everything looked almost untouched—unsurprising considering the building itself is new.

The standard equipment we can all expect were present. Rows upon rows of weight machines, barbells, and treadmills lined the gym. In the farther end, equipment like stationary bikes were also present.

Unlike many gyms, however, YG Entertainment’s had its own mini kitchen and dining area complete with a sink and refrigerator. A punching bag, weights, and smaller items were situated just a few meters away, reminding everyone that it was still place to go to exercise.

Music played in the background to pump up the ones working out. The songs were from different YG Entertainment artists over the years. While Jihoon ran on the treadmill, for example, Park Bom‘s “You And I” was heard.

It’s one exclusive and luxurious gym that we can only dream of entering!

Check out Jihoon’s vlog below to see everything from his perspective.

Source: YouTube