TREASURE Absolutely Adores Their Maknae Junghwan—And Their Small But Sweet Actions Last Chuseok Prove It

He’s their Super King Cow Baby!

When it comes to K-Pop groups with close bonds, TREASURE is often mentioned. The YG Entertainment boy group has always been each other’s biggest fans, and they are especially protective of their maknae, their youngest member, Junghwan.

Born in February 2005, he’s six years younger than the eldest, Hyunsuk.

Hyunsuk (Left) and Junghwan (Right) | Weekly Idol

It is because of his age that the rest of the members take extra good care of him. This was clearly seen in their recent Chuseok (Thanksgiving) special release where they were asked to complete individual tasks in order to win a prize.

Junghwan was the first to receive his challenge, walking up confidently to the front. He was treated to genuine encouragement from his members.

Let’s go Junghwan! Junghwan, you got this!

— Doyoung and Jihoon

The editors of the show highlighted the focused expressions of the ones watching. They aptly added the sweet caption, “Hyungs are always on Junghwan’s side.” Hyunsuk also tried to ease the pressure off him by reminding him that he’s “good at games” and thus has nothing to worry about.

And he delivered!

Later on, Junghwan was tasked to eat a cracker ASMR style. Haruto walked close by to help prop up the latter’s mic so it was closer to his mouth. This small act made sure that his voice would come out clearer in the final recording.

Finally, Junkyu couldn’t help but pick the maknae when he was asked, “Who would be my bias if I were TEUME?” The older member complimented Junghwan’s manners and strength which was befitting of his “Super King Cow Baby” nickname.

Look how considerate he is! I’m trying to fall down but look how nice he is.

— Junkyu

As soon as Junghwan heard this, he smiled widely—and this resulted in Junkyu gushing over him even more!

You’re my bias. Junghwan, you’re mine!

— Junkyu

From this episode alone, it’s clear that Junghwan is indeed treasured by TREASURE!

Check out the full video below to enjoy their full antics.

Source: YouTube