TREASURE Recently Held Their First Overseas Concert In Manila—Here’s What It Was Like Behind The Scenes

Were you part of the crowd?

TREASURE recently performed overseas for the first time since they debuted in 2020.


The YG Entertainment boy group was one of three acts in the KPOP MASTERZ concert series alongside GOT7‘s BamBam and Jackson. Held last July 29, the Manila leg was their first experience performing outside of their home country, South Korea.

It was clear from fan posts online that there were a significant number of people looking forward to TREASURE’s performance and that the group themselves also enjoyed their time in the country.

The reactions of the members themselves were finally revealed on the 25th episode of their YouTube T.M.I series. It showed their point of view as they walked through the airport at night and were greeted by excited Filipino fans. They were a bundle of nerves and excitement, telling them, “I love you.”

Jeongwoo: We’re here to see Teumes in Manila.

Hyunsuk: I’m nervous because it’s been a while since I’ve been overseas. There were thunder lights during the plane ride and even that looked pretty.

TREASURE: I love you!

The group only had a few hours to rest as they visited the Mall of Asia Arena early the next day for their rehearsal. Excited fans were already gathered outside the venue hours before the event was due to start.

The members made sure to check every detail of their practice carefully once they were on stage. Leader Hyunsuk paid close attention to the state of their microphones so they could sing comfortably.

Can we have our members’ volume lowered please?

— Hyunsuk

TREASURE rehearsed like it was the actual performance. They worked hard to ensure that they could deliver a smooth performance later that night.

They were tired but full of anticipation, with Haruto wiping his face while saying, “We’ll do our best.”

Thousands of fans lined up to see TREASURE as well as their co-performers only a few hours later.

The members were impressed by the volume of the cheers even before the event officially started. Doyoung exclaimed, “You can hear this right?!” Jihoon also promised to “put on a fun show” in response to their enthusiasm.

On the other side of the backstage area, Junkyu surprised Junghwan and Jaehyuk with his confidence.

We must be turning into pros. I’m more excited than nervous.

— Junkyu

The members cheered for each other prior to their big moment…

…and they killed it on stage! It was clear that both the fans and TREASURE themselves had fun.

After the concert, the members sat down in front of the camera to share their initial thoughts about what happened. Though they were exhausted and sweating, they were high on the support of the crowd. Everyone was particularly impressed by how loud the Filipino fans were.

Hyunsuk: So many people came, how do you feel about it?

Yoshi: The cheering was no joke!

Jeongwoo: It came through my in-ear.

Hyunsuk proclaimed their first overseas concert a success and they were even more excited to head out to Thailand for their next live appearance.

Check out the full video below to see more of TREASURE’s overseas concert experience.

Source: YouTube