TREASURE Proves Their Love For Fans By Holding An Emergency Meeting To Make “TREASURE MAP” More Fun

Instead of playing, they were worried for TREASURE Makers.

TREASURE always makes sure they’re pumping out quality content in their YouTube reality show series TREASURE MAP. That’s why in Episode 38, they were worried about the length of their footage while playing in the snow.

Right after they raced down the hillside slope, the members looked confused. The big game only took ten seconds without any twists and turns, leading them to say, “That feels short” and “How can we get enough footage?!”

Jaehyuk addressed the audience, saying, “You don’t find it fun so far? We’re going to make it work.”

The group was fully determined to make the episode as enjoyable as possible for TREASURE Makers, their fans.

I hear there isn’t enough footage! But our footage defense battalion pledges to secure enough footage or we won’t go home!

— Jaehyuk

They gathered together to hold an emergency meeting, their first idea being to exaggerate how emotional Haruto was at sledding for the first time.

Jaehyuk: Should we make it dramatic for footage? Let’s make it dramatic with captions. Then everyone can cry in tears.

Jihoon: Haruto, you can say this! I’m happy to come sledding for the first time.

Jaehyuk: Adding past scenes can add five minutes.

The editors captioned the scene “Pride is at stake!” when they began brainstorming the ways they can make the episode longer. Since they have experience in entertainment, the member’s standards for each other was high.

They gave suggestions that range from determining who sleds in the strangest way, playing rock-paper-scissors to see who sleds on gravel, and making losers climb to the peak of the hill.

The discussion took so long, Junghwan grabbed a sled and plopped down the hillliterally! He made his hyungs laugh aloud at his failure.

TREASURE prioritizes their fans above all, even their fun! Check out the full video below.


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