TREASURE’s Mashiho Never Lets Anyone Sleep On His Bed…Except For Yoshi

There’s still a catch though!

TREASURE‘s Mashiho is someone who prefers to keep his things to himself. At the same time, he sometimes makes exceptions for his fellow J-Line member, Yoshi!

TREASURE’s Yoshi (Left) and Mashiho (Right) | @treasuremembers/Twitter

Yoshi revealed in a recent live broadcast that he was given special privileges to stay on Mashiho’s bed in the dorm. This is usually not the case as the cute-as-pie member often gets protective over his items.

I once slept with Mashiho, I was facing the side of the wall. Mashiho rarely lets you sleep on the same bed as him, you know that, right? He almost never lets us.

— Yoshi

Jihoon agreed, saying, “It’s easier to win the lottery.” In fact, in one episode of TREASURE Map, fans saw how Mashiho grumbled before allowing Jihoon to stay with him—and it wasn’t even his own bed but a rented one!

The same thing happens over and over. The members who approach Mashiho are promptly turned away each time.

When you’re about to sit down, you’ll be stopped and he says, ‘Don’t sit.’ Then I just say, ‘Okay, okay.’

— Jihoon

Yoshi, however, was allowed to sleep on Mashiho’s bed and he knew it was a big honor.

Sharing the same bed made me feel good. I felt like I was acknowledged by him.

— Yoshi

Though it was very special that Yoshi was allowed to fall asleep next to Mashiho, it wasn’t actually true the entire time. Yoshi actually woke up that morning and realized he was pushed off the bed in his sleep!

I was sleeping on the same bed, and you know the space between the wall and the bed? I was in between that space so I had to get back on the bed.

— Yoshi

At least Yoshi got the chance to stay there in the first place!

Source: NAVER Live