TREASURE Receives Praise For Their Incredible Live Vocals In Radio And Music Show Performances

They have a strong vocal and rap line.

TREASURE is quickly gaining attention for their live vocals. The YG Entertainment boy group has been praised for having one of the best “vocal lines” in K-Pop since pre-debut.

TREASURE’s Jeongwoo

YedamJeongwooJihoon, Junkyu, Mashiho, and more have shown that they have the qualities of all being main vocalists.

In fact, the entire group was recently commended for their live performances in radio shows following their “JIKJIN” comeback. Netizens praised both vocalists and rappers for their consistency and power, saying they had “attractive tones” and that the potential they saw in them from YG TREASURE BOX has “fully exploded.”

Some of their performances that are gaining hundreds of thousands of views within a few days include “JIKJIN” from KBS Cool FM‘s STATION Z

…and from BTOB’s Kiss the Radio.

Even their music show performances were commended, particularly since TREASURE’s live vocals were heard in spite of the intense choreography of “JIKJIN.”

Check out their music video for “JIKJIN” below if you haven’t yet.

Source: Naver


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