TREASURE Had Some Very Real Confessions To Each Other—But Very Fake Tears

They’re all comedians!

TREASURE was separated into two teams and had to live like Hyunsuk and Junkyu for an entire day. In Episode 32 of TREASURE MAP, they needed to do everything like these two, from eating, talking, and even walking.

TREASURE was separated into Team Hyunsuk (black) and Team Junkyu (pink) | TREASURE/YouTube

One of the first things Team Hyunsuk did was to head up to the rooftop and play around. The leader wanted the others to express their sentimentality just like him.

You know how I’m sensitive and easily moved to tears? You’re going to be like that. Taking turns one at a time, share what recently touched your heart.

— Hyunsuk

They all took turns confessing what they’re thankful for to the person beside them. Junghwan was first to praise his seatmate, Jeongwoo, and Asahi and Hyunsuk were already emotional.

You’ve always been fun. Thank you.

— Junghwan

Of course, they didn’t miss the opportunity to put a playful twist on the game and they hugged it out with a lot of fake crying!

Jeongwoo continued the act as he turned to Asahi and thanked him for producing their ballad “Orange” while being a ray of sunshine for TREASURE.

Thank you for writing such good music. I appreciate your bright energy.

— Jeongwoo

While Jeongwoo pretended to tear up, the editors of the show aptly described Hyunsuk’s feelings for his out-of-control members: “Crying for a different reason.”

The biggest confession was when Asahi expressed his gratitude to Yedam for taking care of him despite their busy schedules.

Yesterday in the car, I left my phone there. When we got home, he brought it over to my dorm and gave it to me. Thank you.

— Asahi

They two took it as well as expected: with a tight hug and lots of “tears”. In fact, Yedam was so moved that he went over to the balcony and took a deep breath…

…while Asahi even walked out of the set!

Their crying may have been an exaggerated joke, but their confessions were real! To see their entire conversation, check out the video below.


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