TREASURE Reveal How Supportive BLACKPINK Were When They Debuted

BLACKPINK being the best seniors!

TREASURE recently guested on MBC FM4U‘s radio show hosted by Kim Shin Young, and during the show, they were asked about their seniors, BLACKPINK. The TREASURE members shared that they don’t get to see the BLACKPINK members that often due to them having separate practice areas.

Kim Shin Young: You guys have separate practice areas though, isn’t that right?

TREASURE: Yes yes, you’re right.

Kim Shin Young: If that is the case, you don’t get to see one another that often. Right?


— Conversation between TREASURE and Kim Shin Young

However, that didn’t stop BLACKPINK from being supportive seniors.

Hyunsuk shared that when TREASURE debuted, they happened to bump into the BLACKPINK members at the company building. The BLACKPINK members then congratulated the TREASURE members on their debut, which deeply moved them.

Kim Shin Young: When did you guys last run into them?

TREASURE: Sometime around debut? On our debut day? Before our debut?

Hyunsuk: I think it was on our debut day, maybe. We ran into them at the company building. They congratulated us on our debut, like “Yay!!! Happy debut!!!” So we were deeply moved by that.

Kim Shin Young: That’s awesome

— Conversation between TREASURE and Kim Shin Young

Here’s the full video below!