Three TREASURE Members Caught The Eye Of “Robot Acting Specialist” SECHSKIES’s Suwon, Here’s Why

There’s just something about them!

TREASURE is continuing YG Entertainment‘s tradition of acting out parodies based on the most recent popular K-Dramas. They had two special guests who were in charge of their personal auditions, SECHSKIESSuwon and Jiwon!

The members were divided into three teams of four, and they each had to audition for their roles. They shared the talents they’re most confident in…

…their prized facial expressions…

…and how they’d act according to what a randomly chosen card asks them to do.

Jeongwoo used a parachute to escape from a trap 

Among the twelve members, Suwon had his eyes on three people: Junkyu, Asahi, and Yoshi. They all had one thing in common: Suwon found them fun to watch!

Junkyu, for instance, had refreshing acting skills. Everyone loved his approach to the line, “I can’t see you with another guy.”

Asahi was known for his lack of care for his visuals. When the panel was asked to guess his expression, Jiwon said, “I saw the devil!” instead of “Give it a rest.” All the while the editors had a swell time blurring out Asahi’s face to save him some dignity!

Suwon also loved it when he made the Nike logo with his arms a few minutes later, showing his creativity.

Yoshi, meanwhile, was just as willing to act out everything in his own unique way. When he was paired up with Haruto to copy a scene from Descendants of the Sun, he crouched down as if he were a servant in a period drama instead of a confident soldier.

You’re the one who ran, remember? You got mad for some reason.

— Yoshi

Suwon commented, “Why are you stooping down?” before admitting to everyone, “I like what you did there. Along with Junkyu and Asahi, he’s my favorite of the bunch.”

At the end of it all, Suwon wasn’t shy to look for his “favorite students” in front of the whole group while shaking their hands one by one.

He once made headlines for his notably stiff facial expressions, so it’s not surprising why he chose Junkyu, Asahi, and Yoshi—all with their own colors—as his successors.

Evidently, several TREASURE members are happily following in his footsteps! To see the whole episode, check out the video below.