TREASURE Can’t Get Over The Hilarious Way SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Greeted Them At The Salon

They couldn’t stop laughing about it, and neither could fans 😂

Because TREASURE and SEVENTEEN go to the same salon, it caused a funny moment between JihoonYoon Jaehyuk, and Hoshi that all of them are still laughing about.

Jihoon and Yoon Jaehyuk. | YG Entertainment

During a live broadcast, Jihoon recalled when he ran into a few of the SEVENTEEN members at the salon. When Yoon Jaehyuk and Jihoon were still sitting in the car, they saw Joshua walk by.

Thinking it was SEVENTEEN’s “promotion time,” Jihoon didn’t think anything of it, especially since the TREASURE members were only there for a haircut.

So when Yoon Jaehyuk and Jihoon finally got out of the car, they were quick to politely greet Hoshi when they saw him.

We ran into Hoshi, so Jaehyuk and I said hi to him first. We said, ‘Hello.’

— Jihoon

Being the kind guy that he is, Hoshi greeted them just as enthusiastically. Jihoon imitated Hoshi’s surprised reaction, “So Hoshi said, ‘Oh? Ah! TREASURE!’” That’s when their senior did something that made them all laugh.

Rather than go with a boring, standard greeting, Hoshi did something better. With a shout of excitement, Hoshi bust out the moves to their song “JIKJIN”. They all laughed at the one-of-a-kind greeting.

Even though Hoshi is an introvert, funny moments like this remind everyone he’s secretly the life of the party.

Hoshi | Weverse
Source: Naver Live