“I Saw On Twitter” — Fourth-Generation Idol Admits To “Stalking” His Fan’s Social Media

What would you do if your fave saw you account?

In the past, most K-Pop idols’s social media was run by their agency, with few idols allowed to be online themselves. However, things have changed, and many idols, especially fourth-generation ones, have proven themselves social media pros.


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While the idols who openly use social media are very well-known, there’s also another category of idols who use social media in ways very similar to regular people — the lurkers.

Lurkers are online often and seem to know everything and see everything. NCT‘s Taeyong has basically revealed that he has a secret Twitter account where he follows some fans.

NCT’s Taeyong Inadvertently “Proves” He Has A Twitter Account Where He Follows Fans

Recently, a member of a fourth-generation group revealed himself as a “lurker,” admitting to “stalking” his fan’s account.

In January 2022,  the seven-membered boy group TRENDZ debuted.

TRENDZ | Global H Media

The group recently released their third single album, Still On My Way, and have been promoting the track.

They have been doing video call events with fans as part of these promotions. During one such call, a fan named Sophia had the chance to chat with Eunil, who surprised her with some information!

TRENDZ’s Eunil | Global H Media

During her trip to Korea, the fan shared several photos on her social media accounts, hashtagging his name in some. According to Sophia, some of these places were recommended by Eunil!

During the call, Sophia thanked Eunil for the recommendations, and he surprised her by saying he saw her Twitter account and recognized her!


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Fans shared this video expressing their disbelief at her calm reaction, admitting they would freak out if they new an idol was “stalking” their account.