TRI.BE Shares Their Favorite Artists, Hobbies, And More In Reddit “AMA”

You won’t believe their thoughts on pizza!

Not too long ago, Shinsadong Tiger‘s girl group TRI.BE finally made their debut with “DOOM DOOM TA!” With a lot of hype around their debut, the girls went to Reddit to talk with fans and introduce things about themselves.

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Here are some of the responses!

To start off, a fan asked them what they do in their free time. Even though they’ve been practicing hard for their debut, they still have to have fun!

Songsun: “Decorating my diary, cooking (I’m good at cooking :D), [and] making Legos!!!”

Kelly: “Drawing [and] shopping.”

Jinha: “Watching baseball and PIPO painting [Paint by Number].”

Hyunbin: “Watching movies (thriller movies >:D) [and] shopping.”

Jia: “Watching dramas [and] listening to music~~”

Soeun: “Buying cosmetics [and] playing games!”

Mire: “Cooking [and] shopping (ALONE!!!).”

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Pets are an adorable, loving companion to anyone, and more and more idols are getting them! What kind of pets do TRI.BE have?

Jia: “Parrot.”

Songsun: “Hamster!!”

Jinha: “[Maltese] (puppy :D)”

Members that don’t have pets but want to:

Hyunbin: “Cat~~”

Mire: “Puppy”

Kelly: “FISH!”

Soeun: “The members say she shouldn’t raise any… lmfao”

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The next fan mentioned that they had actually just recently moved to Korea! They asked the girls what are some of the best things to do in Korea (after the pandemic, of course).

You have to go to Han river for a night stroll and wear Hanbok at Angook-dong (안국동)! And you must wear school uniforms and go to amusement parks tee hee.

—Unknown Member (@tribedaloca)

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Speaking of different countries, eventually, the girls will go on tour! Fans asked them which country they most wanted to see after COVID-19.

Soeun: “Australia.

Songsun: “France! (Paris).

Jia and Kelly: “New York~~~~~~~~

Hyunbin: “USA!!

We all would love to know who they’re inspired by! Especially after such a fresh, colorful debut. So, they gave us some of their favorite senior artists.

TRI.BE said that they all definitely love and admire BLACKPINK. They also really like The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, and Beyoncé. TRI.BE added, “Of course, a lot more artists, too.

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That lead to the question of what song each member was listening to lately. We have to say, these girls have a variety of tastes!

All: “Of course, ‘DOOM DOOM TA’!!!”

Kelly: “Chungha’s ‘Bicycle’.

Hyunbin: “IU‘s ‘Celebrity’.”

Jia: “SHINee‘s ‘Countless’.”

Songsun: “Ariana Grande’s ‘Positions’.

Mire: “Heize‘s ‘That Star’.

Jinha: “K.Will‘s ‘Growing’.

Soeun: “Ariana Grande’s ‘Santa Tell Me’.

Fans love to ask idols about famous food debates, especially for mint chocolate chip. However, the next fan brought back the classic, “do you like pineapple on pizza?

Soeun: “[No,] I like sweet potato pizza!”

Hyunbin: “I actually don’t really like pizza sorry :D”

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Although every single member said their favorite food was tteokbokki, the pineapple pizza answers had fans thinking… what foods do they absolutely hate?

Hyunbin: “Tomatoes. Ew!!!”

Jia: “Sweet pumpkin…”

Soeun: “Cucumbers!!”

Jinha: “Jalepeños.”

Also, supposedly, everyone except for Songsun and Mire can’t eat avocadoes.

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“DOOM DOOM TA” is already showing itself to be quite successful and the music video is undeniably gorgeous. So, the fans wanted to know which part of the filming was the most memorable!

The scene they all remember the most is Hyunbin and Soeun’s scene on the basketball court. Apparently, when they dunked the ball, all of the jewels that formed the net fell off. They added, “Also, it was Soeun’s birthday so we made her cry with a surprise cake hehe.

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Finally, we all want to see the shining future of these girls! What do they see for themselves in the future?

All of the members agreed that they wanted the “Rookie Of The Year” award as well as to meet their fans as soon as they can.

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Support the girls with their first song, “DOOM DOOM TA!”

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