Hyuna Reveals What She’s Like When She’s in Love

Triple H‘s Hyuna shared some details about her dating style in a recent interview and photo shoot with The Star magazine.

Hyuna gave some insight into what she’s like when she falls in love, and shared that she likes to talk about dating and relationships with older unnies.

She described herself as a “sunflower” when she’s dating someone because she becomes a complete fan of her significant other and follows them around, much like the flower follows the sun.

“I’m a kind of a lover who only looks for my significant other. But it’s not like I have a lot of experience, I just talk to a lot of my close unnies about dating.”
— Triple H’s Hyuna

Hyuna also revealed that she’s given up on dating for the time being because she loves what she’s currently doing, and doesn’t want to force herself into dating.

“I’ve stopped thinking about dating for a while. I like doing things naturally, so instead of forcing myself to do something unnatural for me, like going on a date, I find myself just doing the things I like doing.”
— Triple H’s Hyuna

Source: Fashion Seoul