Troye Sivan Gives More In-Depth Details On How BTS’s “Louder Than Bombs” Came About In GQ Interview

I think it’s time for a Troye Sivan and BTS collab!

On a recent episode of Actually Me by GQ magazine, singer Troye Sivan takes over the internet and responds to real comments and questions about him on social media.

In regards to the question about working with BTS for their track “Louder Than Bombs,” he revealed that this song was the first song ever written by him and his writing crew that he also worked with to write “Youth” and “Bite.” Sivan previously talked a little about working with BTS in a previous Instagram live as well.

At that time, the song was called “Hologram Hearts,” and although he enjoyed the track, him and his writing crew started to write others songs and ended up sitting on that song for the next six years.

This song somehow reached BTS and they loved the song enough to want to put it into their album. Sivan also stated that he tried to learn Korean, failed miserably, and had someone translate the song for the boys, which is now “Louder Than Bombs.”

He added that he wasn’t able to listen to the final product and had to wait alongside all the fans for the release to drop for him to listen to it. He admitted to refreshing the page several times in anticipation for the song, just like the rest of the world.

He concludes by saying that he is so happy to have a song with BTS and believes that they sung it way better than he did for the track.

Watch the full interview below!