“True Beauty” Author Yaongyi Opens Up About Hate Comments To Tiffany Young, And Her Reaction Is Everything

Tiffany made sure the haters knew exactly what she thought of them!

Yaongyi, the author of True Beauty, is known not only for her wildly popular webtoon that a K-Drama was based on, but also for her stellar beauty!

Webtoon artist Yaongyi | @meow91__/Instagram

Her Instagram is filled with pretty selfies and photos of her looking gorgeous in her outfits, and fans of her webtoon often draw comparisons between the main character Lim Jugyeong and Yaongyi for their visuals!

| @meow91__/Instagram

But in an episode of Breakfast With Tiffany, Yaongyi revealed to Tiffany Young that while she gets lots of good comments, she gets an equal amount of hate comments as well. She talked about how comments related to her work don’t bother her as much, but it’s the comments that attack her physical features that are the most hurtful to her.

While I’m beloved with my works…I received so many hateful comments at the same time. I got a lot of hate comments, but the thing is…I can accept any opinions about my work, but the thing is, they insult me as a human. Like what I look like, how my nose is, and something about my legs and so on…

I kept thinking, ‘Why should I get judged by my appearance? My job is drawing!’ I got hurt a lot…


As Yaongyi talked about the hate she receives, Tiffany knew exactly how she was feeling, and in solidarity with her, raised her middle fingers to the camera, flipping off the haters!

Tiffany then shared how she experiences such comments herself, and revealed the purpose of her show-to spread positivity everywhere!

One of the reasons I decided to be a part of Breakfast With Tiffany is [because] I hope many people say something nice to one another.


It’s great to see queens supporting queens! Watch the whole thing here!

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