TV Personality Kim Na Young Reveals Why She Wears Makeup

Some people just make makeup stressful.

TV Personality Kim Na Young discussed reasons to wear makeup in her most recent “Get Ready With Me” vlog on her YouTube channel: nofilterTV.

After taking out her makeup pouch, she started to explain: “I like a dull-looking face.” But she confessed, “but people keep asking me ‘Are you tired?’ ‘Are you sick?’ ‘Isn’t raising kids hard?’ and I got stressed by it. [Because of this] I often wear makeup these days.”

She goes on to say, “Emotions are like the weather. Let’s say you wake up and the weather is not good, that doesn’t mean you don’t go to work. We go with an umbrella.”

She continued, “I think eyebrows are like weather too. One day, you draw them well, and others they are blurry.”

Lately, she just likes to wear makeup to look lively in these gloomy days.


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