TV Personality’s Past Remarks Are Brought To The Spotlight After Her Divorce News With Celebrity Husband

It was an interview from a year ago.

Recently, it was announced that a celebrity couple got divorced after six years of marriage. After the news, a past interview about the couple has been brought back into the spotlight.

Ahn Hyun Mo | @hyunmoahn/Instagram

On November 6, it was announced that TV personality Ahn Hyun Mo and Brand New Music CEO and singer Rhymer had divorced. The two separated in May and recently finalized the divorce settlement and procedures.

Rhymer (left) and Ahn Hyun Mo (right) | News1

Throughout their marriage, the couple appeared on variety shows together, where Ahn Hyun Mo made statements like, “There are many parts where my husband and I don’t mix well” and “There are times in my married life when I’m lonely.

The couple was in a past episode of the show “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny.” | SBS

Following the news, past remarks Ahn Hyun Mo made in an interview are gaining more attention. In an interview with SBS News around November of last year, Ahn Hyun Mo, while discussing her profession as a simultaneous interpreter, also shared her views on marriage in response to the host’s question.

| SBS News

When the host asked, “Can I ask about your husband?” Ahn Hyun Mo agreed, saying, “Well, my husband and I are one anyway.” When asked if she believed they really were perfectly “one,” Ahn Hyun Mo awkwardly replied, “We’re like a shared destiny…” and tried to smile.

The host mentioned comments netizens made about Ahn Hyun Mo, such as “Marrying is the worst thing Ahn Hyun Mo has ever done” and “She has no taste in men.” She responded to these netizens’ comments with her honest thoughts.

I think it may take about 30 years to answer that. I don’t know what the future holds. We haven’t lived together for even five years. Legally, we’re still newlyweds. There is no definitive answer to whether to this, and it’s me who can determine if the marriage is successful. It’s not about my husband saying, ‘It was a good choice’ or ‘You did well in getting married.’ It’s about creating it together. It’s about moving forward. If there’s something that the public doesn’t agree with, it’s my job to make them understand.

— Ahn Hyun Mo

| @hyunmoahn/Instagram

When the host asked if her husband thinks the same way, Ahn Hyun Mo shared what her husband is like.

My husband doesn’t think as complicated as I do. He doesn’t think in detail like I do.

— Ahn Hyun Mo

Ahn Hyun Mo was also asked what she thinks about the opinions that a husband in the entertainment industry and a wife with a journalism background may not match. She responded firmly that it’s not about the job one has but knowing one’s worth in doing what they’re good at.

This is my first time saying this. In a capitalist society, you have to highlight what you’re good at. It’s important to be satisfied with your own achievements. Knowing that you are a precious person is real health. It’s not about envying some movie star or rich person. It’s about realizing that your own life is the most precious and beautiful. When you look at people in the entertainment industy, there are too many cases where they don’t realize their own beauty.

— Ahn Hyun Mo

Ahn Hyun Mo and Rhymer married in 2017 after six months of dating.

Source: Wikitree