TV show under fire after prank on Idols goes too far

Fans of this TV show believe that the pranks on the show are getting too serious to be a joke.

Secretly Greatly is a program that takes on the element of surprise, using hidden camera pranks to surprise their celebrity guests. Unfortunately, viewers think that the show is going too far with their pranks, especially after the most recent episode.

Super Junior-M‘s Henry and actor Sung Hoon were the guests and the two were to participate in a fake underwater photo shoot. During the shoot, Henry first faked bleeding while underwater and then also pretended to be electrocuted and unconscious. Not knowing this was a prank, Sung Hoon swam out to Henry and brought him back above water.

The show received criticism for being too harsh and not taking into consideration how the person getting pranked would feel. Super Junior‘s Heechul even stated,

“After joining the show as a host, I’ve become more suspicious of my friends and colleagues. Even when I’m just eating, I’m afraid that it could be a recording for the show.”

— Super Junior Heechul

Watch Henry and Sung Hoon’s clip below.

Source: Hankyung