tvN Releases Statement About Goblin’s Finale and Special Episode

Fans of Korea’s favorite drama series, Goblin, will be thrilled to find out that the network will be airing a special episode of the show in two parts.

With ratings as high as 17%, many fans of the series are saddened to hear there are only 4 episodes left.

Goblin’s broadcasting channel tvN has revealed that the script for the final episode has been finalized and the staff is currently focusing on completing the filming for the last episodes.

They also announced:

Goblin will reach a turning point in the storyline in the 13th episode. Being a combination of multiple genres such as tales of fantasy, romance, life, and death, we have received a variety of speculative guesses and opinions. We want to ensure our viewers are able to easily enjoy the rest of the episodes, so we will be releasing a special episode on the 14th, divided into 2 parts, encompassing the knotty relationships between the characters; they’ll foreshadow the rest of the episodes in an interesting way.

Episode 14 will be aired on the 20th, and episodes 15 and 16 will be aired consecutively on the 21st.

Source: Sports Chosun