TVXQ Changmin Compares EXO’s Xiumin To Yunho On MBC’s “I Live Alone”

“I feel like I’m with Yunho hyung right now…”

On the latest episode of MBC’s I Live Alone, TVXQ’s Changmin and EXO’s Xiumin continued their hike on Halla Mountain.

From the start, Changmin and Xiumin reacted very differently to the weather. While Changmin was feeling so cold even with multiple layers of clothes, Xiumin was actually warm and wished the weather would get colder.

Grandpa feeling cold

“Hyung, it so warm!”

“He keeps on saying nonsense…”

After a few miles, Xiumin couldn’t take the heat any longer and wanted to take off the hoodie he was wearing inside. Changmin couldn’t believe Xiumin was feeling hot when he was shivering to the bone. He stared at Xiumin taking off his clothes and couldn’t help to see a resemblance to someone he is all too familiar.

Changmin also remembered Xiumin opening the window in the car and enjoying the freezing wind to cool down and compared Xiumin to TVQX’s passion man, Yunho. At one point, Changmin hilariously expressed his concerns for Xiumin’s mental health.

“You know I was thinking to myself in the car…”

“I feel like I’m with Yunho hyung right now”

“This is an illness. Are you crazy?”

They soon continued their trail and enjoy the beautiful view of Halla Mountain. But soon, Xiumin wanted to take off his gloves and hat that were soaking in his sweat. Changmin couldn’t understand why Xiumin was soaking wet when he didn’t shed one drop of sweat.

Changmin couldn’t shake off the resemblance between Xiumin and Yunho. Even with his hat and gloves off, Xiumin still wanted to take off more clothes. When the EXO member confessed, “I actually wanted to take off all of my clothes,” Changmin made him laugh by replying, “Shut up!”


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