TVXQ Just Released What They Usually Do When They’re Off Work, And Proved They’re Polar Opposites

Despite being a team for 15 years, they live completely different lives.

On a recent episode of I Live Alone, the boys of TVXQ! gave an inside look into their lives for the first time in their 15-year careers, and their contrasting lifestyles show just how different the two really are!


Changmin seems to be more out in the open. He likes to walks around shirtless while getting ready for the day.


He takes some time to cuddle with his new friend teddy bear and leaves a memorable selfie together.


Meanwhile, Yunho likes to keep certain parts of his life to himself. He even has a hidden safe that his friends don’t know about!


Even Yunho admitted that they were two very different people, so they decided to live separately.

“After our dorm life ended, Changmin and I decided to live separately because we are complete opposites.” — Yunho


Despite their differences, their friendship is still going strong!


Source: Dispatch and Joongboo
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