It Was TVXQ’s Max Changmin Who Dropped off EXO’s Xiumin at the Military

Changmin’s such a caring “older brother”.

TVXQ‘s Changmin has recently been revealed as the person who dropped off EXO‘s Xiumin at the military.

On the day of Xiumin’s enlistment, Changmin posted a photo of himself with Xiumin along with the caption, “I can try to comfort myself by saying time will go by fast, but still. Take care of yourself, Minseok.

The caption was followed by hashtags “see you” and “take care of yourself“, and it gave off the vibe of an easy-going and tough man, which fans can’t help but smile at.

The shared photo shows Xiumin and Changmin posing in front of the camera in a warm and caring way.

As two friends who grew close through TV shows such as I Live Alone, it appears that they showed off their close friendship once more by displaying how a trusty “older brother” saw off his cute “little brother” before his enlistment.


Source: Dispatch