TVXQ Praised By J-Pop Icon Koda Kumi After She Attended Concert And Was Moved To Tears

“I was moved and cried.”

TVXQ received praise from former collaborator and J-Pop icon Koda Kumi after she attended their TOHOSHINKI LIVE TOUR 2019 ~ XV ~ concert in Japan.

Koda Kumi said, “Happy 15th anniversary! I was impressed and cried. I think there were so many changes and growth and suffering.

She added, “I met TVXQ when we collaborated on “LAST ANGEL”, which was already 12 years ago. It was my first time to see the live at the dome, and I was really grateful. In the future, please continue to attract the audience with the cool TVXQ sound!”

If you haven’t heard Koda Kumi’s collaboration with TVXQ, check it out below:

Source: kstyle