The K-Pop Group Who Is Considered Top Tier When It Comes To “Authentic” Live Performances

Their live singing while dancing is *chef’s kiss*

When it comes to live performances and K-Pop, one can never leave out a mention of TVXQ. The SM Entertainment group debuted in 2003 and quickly took over the entertainment scene.

The original five members—Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, and Yunho—are once again being praised for their “authentic live” performances, with netizens commenting, “It’s because they sang live that the stages were entertaining to watch,” “That’s a real life alright,” and, “This live what is supposed to be considered ‘good.'”

TVXQ, From Left to Right: Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, and Yunho

Check out some of their trending “authentically live” performances below!

1. Mirotic

First up, TVXQ’s most iconic song is arguably “Mirotic” from their fourth Korean studio album. As Jaejoong’s, Changmin’s, and Junsu’s high notes prove, they are a top-tier group that can give a solid vocal performance without missing any steps in the choreography.

2. O-Jung.Ban.Hap.

“O-Jung.Ban.Hap” is a beat-heavy song from the group’s third Korean album. Despite the dynamic dance that required them to move their bodies up and down multiple times, their voices did not waver—even after a dance break.

3. Purple Line

“Purple Line” was another track that came with an energetic choreography. TVXQ members did various popping motions while singing live, and there were no mistakes in sight.

4. Rising Sun

Last but certainly not least, “Rising Sun” is a special song for them as it was one of their earliest, released in 2005. Even as a rookie group, they performed live without missing a beat or note.

When it comes to singing and dancing without any backtracks, the members of TVXQ are legends in the K-Pop scene.

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