TVXQ Yunho’s Burning Passion Proves to Take on a Different Form When Playing with Children

Yunho got so into it that he even cried afterward.

On the most recent episode of KBS’s Trio’s Childcare Challenge, TVXQ‘s Yunho took on the challenge of being a helper for triplets raised by a single dad.

After dropping off the triplets at school, Yunho proceeded to complete chores such as laundry, dishes, and cleaning.

And once he brought the triplets back home, he began playing with them.

What made viewers burst into laughter was how passionate Yunho seemed while playing with the children.

In particular, when the kids attacked him, he showed an exaggerated response that even made veins pop out on his forehead.

As he pretended to die, his face turned bright red and his acting was so spot on that it was a little terrifying.

He even cried afterward, proving just how deep he got into his role.

For those who know about Yunho’s passionate nature, all fans can really say is, “That’s Yunho.

Source: Dispatch