TVXQ’s Yunho Once Revealed Whether He Gets Called “Oppa” or “Hyung” More

Does Yunho have more female or male fans?

TVXQ‘s Yunho (U-Know), a.k.a the passion Mansour, recently did a photoshoot and short interview with 1st Look.

In a series of questions, Yunho answered things from what his phone screensaver was to questions regarding his age. One question asked was whether he got “oppa you’re cool!” Or “Hyung you’re cool!” more.

Yunho answered that he received “oppa you’re cool!” more but added that he lately has gotten a lot of recognition from younger male fans as well: “I also hear a lot of ‘hyung you’re cool’ these days though.” 

The interviewer then asked Yunho what he “wanted to hear more in the future” to which Yunho replied, “Yunho you’re cool!”

Following these two questions, Yunho expressed his appreciation for being called cool in general. He also mentioned that he’s thankful for his fans, whether male or female, young or old.

I’m so grateful and I love being called cool, but it’s better if people of both genders and all ages think I’m cool and love me.

— Yunho

Check out the rest of the questions Yunho was asked by 1st Look below: