TVXQ’s Yunho Reveals He Would Risk His Life To Save His Best Friends

They are truly best friends.

Recently, TVXQ’s Yunho and rapper DinDin made an appearance on JTBC’s Knowing Bros and talked about their special friendship.

Yunho revealed just how special his friendship was with DinDin.

Changmin is my family and actor Son Ho Joon was my friend even before debut, but DinDin is my best friend that I made after jumping into the real world.

⁠— Yunho

After hearing how special these people were to him, host Kang Ho Dong asked the question, “If these three people fell into the water, which would you save first.”

Before Yunho could answer, DinDin spoke up first. “I will just die. I will leave a will and it will say ‘Yunho’s best friend lies here’.”

Yunho answered, “I would risk my life in order to save all three of them.”

Hearing his answer, DinDin added, “It would be my sin that Yunho came to save me because I fell into the water.”

DinDin also admitted that he admired and respected Yunho the most, even more so than his own dad.

If my dad drinks, he gets tired and because he’s the boss, there are times that he doesn’t go out to the office. But Yunho, even if he has a schedule that day, will come out to see me. And when I see him at his schedule, he looks just fine.

⁠— DinDin

In a busy and bustling industry such as the entertainment business, it’s hard to find a genuine best friend. These two are truly lucky to have found each other!

Source: news 1