TVXQ’s Yunho Reveals Touching Story Behind His Thumbs-Up Pose

“It’s a kind of promise to myself that I will show my grandfather…”

TVXQ’s Yunho recently revealed the touching story behind his thumbs-up pose in a YouTube video.

On this day, DinDin, who received the camera from Yoo Byung Jae, selected Yunho as the next recipient of the camera. Yoo Byung Jae explained that the concept of the program involved filming your daily activities and then passing the camera along to a close friend.


After moving their location to a pub, they began having deeper conversations. When Yoo Byung Jae asked his friends about the last time they cried, Yunho began sharing his story before his debut with TVXQ.

My school and my parents all opposed (my dreams of becoming a singer). I came to Seoul alone with 380,000 KRW ($327 USD).

ㅡ Yunho


He explained that he slept on the streets and took on part-time jobs, but he did not seek any help from his parents. Amid all the opposition, he said the one person who supported him was his grandfather.


But just as he was about to debut, he received a phone call with the news of his grandfather’s critical condition.

We were finished with preparations for our debut when I received a call about my grandfather’s critical situation.

ㅡ Yunho


He stated that the last thing his grandfather did before he passed away was give Yunho a thumbs up. Yunho often made the thumbs-up pose when taking photos and he explained that it was his way of showing his grandfather how well he was doing.

Even now, I always give a thumbs up when I take photos. It’s a kind of promise to myself that I will show my grandfather when I am successful.

ㅡ Yunho


Yunho also promised himself, however, that he would not cry and he succeeded in holding his tears back. However, he confessed that he couldn’t help but show tears after a recent encounter with his father.

It was my father’s 60th birthday recently so I bought him a suit for the first time. He goes to work at around 4 or 5 in the morning. So I brought it in time and gave it to my father.

ㅡ Yunho


He said when he saw his strict father in his slippers, shorts and a coat, thanking him with a bright smile on his face and tears in his eyes, he couldn’t help but cry as well.


He confessed that he was filled with guilt that he did not pay more attention to his father, who has been ill lately, and revealed that he has been making an effort to focus on his father lately. Watch the full video clip below: