TVXQ’s Yunho Did The Sweetest Thing For Employee With Hearing Impairment

It was both sweet and genius!

The moving story of what TVXQ‘s Yunho did for an employee with a hearing impairment has been spreading through various online communities.

The netizen who shared the story told how he/she heard it and gave the background to the story.

I recently heard a moving story related to a celebrity. I heard it from my colleague. The colleague often saw celebrities because of the location and field of her previous workplace. The person she remembered was Yunho. It was a company where people can receive a visitor’s pass and look around inside with a body guard so there were many celebrities that did this.

ㅡ Netizen


Yunho, among other visitors and celebrities, had apparently stood out to the netizen’s colleague because of his friendliness.

Other people just glanced and passed by but Yunho came over, greeted (my colleague) and asked what type of work she was doing. (There was a separate time to do this so it didn’t interfere with work) Then he said he was in the entertainment field for so long that he was curious about how people in other fields work and innocently asked many questions.

ㅡ Netizen


The netizen continued to explain what Yunho did for one of the employees who had a hearing impairment.

Inside the company, there is a cafeteria that provides food for the employees for free. One of the cafeteria staff had a hearing impairment and so the employees usually wrote on post-it notes to show the staff member. So Yunho made a menu sign for the menu himself. Later, the employees only had to show the staff with the hearing impairment the menu sign and number so the orders could be received more quickly…

ㅡ Netizen


The netizen praised Yunho for not only his brilliant idea but for taking initiative and helping out.

(My colleague said) it was amazing that he even came up with the idea but she thought it was even more amazing that he took initiative…she thought he was a really good person…She said he also gave autographs and took photos without any hesitation and it was obvious that he was a kind-hearted person…Yunho is truly amazing…

ㅡ Netizen


With so many moving stories surrounding Yunho, who can deny that he is an angel!

Source: Dispatch