TVXQ!’s Yunho Still Keeps This One Item From His Trainee Days

He has kept this item with him for over 16 years.

On a recent broadcast of I Live Alone, TVXQ!‘s Yunho gave an inside look at his daily life, and fans were shocked to see that he had kept one item from his trainee days almost 16 years ago!


Yunho revealed that one of the first things he does to start the day is organize his change in piggy banks and put them in his safe.


In the safe were different kinds of piggy banks. Yunho revealed that he has had one of those piggy banks for over 16 years.

“I have had a piggy bank since my trainee days. I organize the piggy banks every morning.” — Yunho


And surely enough, netizens did some digging and found old footage of the same piggy bank!


Back in 2005, TVXQ! did a special interview inside their dorm room for a show called All About TVXQ.


During the interview, Yunho stated that his piggy bank was his most prized possession.


Even if it was his prized possession, why would a successful celebrity keep something like a piggy bank in his safe?


Well, Yunho revealed that the piggy banks have a deeper meaning to him. He goes through the daily routine of putting change in his piggy banks to remind him of his struggles when he was a trainee.

“I do that every morning so I don’t lose my focus.” — Yunho


Check out Yunho and his piggy banks below:

Source: Dispatch, EN Seoul and TV Daily