TVXQ’s Yunho’s Ex-Girlfriend Saw Him With A Woman But It Was Actually Heechul

She dumped him because she thought Yunho was cheating on her

Being a trainee is one of the craziest aspects of an idol’s life.

TVXQ’s Yunho is one of the most senior and respected idols in the industry, but back when he was trainee, even he couldn’t escape some crazy experiences.

As a trainee, Yunho has a girlfriend. However, he revealed in an interview the hilarious story of how they broke up.

Since the early 2000s, Yunho and Super Junior’s Heechul have been close friends. As a trainee, Heechul also had his own personal sense of style, as Yunho described.

When we were together, people thought Heechul was my girlfriend. During the training days, Heechul loved pink, flowery shirts … His face is a bit feminine too

Unfortunately, one of those people happened to be Yunho’s girlfriend.

Why does [Heechul] keep on brushing my shoulders? My girlfriend who was sitting at the back saw it and thought that I cheated on her.

Ever since then, Yunho grew distant from his girlfriend who eventually broke up with him.

Heechul confirmed this story in a radio interview. He recalls accompanying Yunho to help pick out a ring for Yunho’s girlfriend.

Unfortunately, Yunho’s girlfriend was there as well.

When Yunho left to talk to an employee, his girlfriend came and made some passive-aggressive remarks to Heechul, still believing he was a woman.

Then [Yunho’s girlfriend] said oh this ring is good. She looked at me and said “Ahh, it’s for the two of you, you look good together.”

Unfortunately Heechul didn’t say anything, which meant that Yunho’s girlfriend still believed Yunho was hanging out with another girl.

But if I objected and said I’m a guy right there, they might think, like “Waaah, what’s this?” … So I just said yes.

So because she thought Heechul was a woman, Yunho’s girlfriend broke up with him, believing that Yunho was cheating on her with Heechul.

While this is a ridiculous situation, Yunho and Heechul continue to be close friends for all these years. This memory will surely be a great story for the two of them to tell for many years to come.