These Tweets About Growing Up Korean Will Have You Laughing

People took to Twitter to speak about their experiences of growing up Korean, and they couldn’t get any funnier.

While everyone has unique and hilarious stories about growing up, there are some special moments that only people growing up in Korean households can understand.

Check out some of the hilarious tweets down below

1. The first question anyone will ask.

2. And then the second.

3. The kimchi is endless.

4. And so are the side dishes.

5. Who needs a bath?

6. Well, if you don’t know…

7. It’s as good of a place as any.

8. Korean beauty standards can be tough!

9.  We’ve all been there.

10. Sleep doesn’t really exist.

11. But the snacks, though.

12. Well, they are the creators of Samsung.

13. There are no filters.

14. Rice is everything.

15. Not everyone has your ability to eat spice.

16. There are weirder things to be done.

17. We can’t imagine how old this must get!

18. It’s like a competition.

19. Etiquette.

20. Grandmothers.

Do you have any of your own #growingupkorean stories to share?