These Tweets Are Proof That Skype Loves BTS

Social Networking company Skype recently revealed on Twitter that they love K-Pop, and are big fans of BTS.

Social networking giant Skype recently started a conversation with a BTS fan that’s been garnering a lot of attention from the K-Pop community.

It all started with one small unassuming tweet from BTS fan lalochezia who accidentally called her dog Jimin:

Skype then surprisingly replied in all-caps, saying that the dog doesn’t, in fact, look like a BTS member.

Skype and the fan continued to talk about the dog, eventually leading to the fan posting a picture of the dog. The conversation became more interesting, however, when the fan demanded that Skype reveal their bias or be exposed as fake BTS fans. Skype seemingly tried to play it safe in order to look like they weren’t playing favorites and replied with a simple rhetorical question.

The fan then went on and tested Skype by asking if they preferred “Spring Day” or “Not Today” and, again, Skype played it safe:

Fortunately, it was a good enough answer for the fan and Skype passed. Then Skype went above and beyond and stated that there are two things that they love:

Who knew Skype was a BTS fan.