Here’s What TWICE Greatly Admires About Momo—And It’ll Make You Fall For Her

She’s incredible!

TWICE‘s resident main dancer Momo is often praised by her members for her incredible dance skills, but naturally, they also appreciate who she is as a person!

In a past radio show appearance, the girls were asked to name a member who admirably does things until the end, and they unanimously picked Momo.

Chaeyoung explained that it especially shows whenever they practice one of their songs: “When she practices, she is really hardworking.

According to Nayeon, Momo doesn’t stop practicing until she nails everything.

She practices until she can do it.

— Nayeon

Jeongyeon hilariously joked that even sleepiness doesn’t stop Momo from giving her all!

Even if she’s sleepy, she does it all the way, too…by sleeping.

— Jeongyeon

Mina added that it’s not only in practice when Momo does her best. Adorably, it even includes eating! “Also when she is eating she does her best.

When asked what she thinks of their words, Momo revealed that she agrees with them, implying that it wasn’t something she had thought about before, “Now that I think about it, it’s pretty true?

Jihyo ended by praising Momo and calling her “very cool.

Even if Momo is naturally gifted, she still does her best in everything—and that’s what makes her a force to be reckoned with!

Get to know more about Momo and TWICE in the full interview below.

Source: Once Zone Subs