TWICE Has a Birthday Tradition All Because of Tzuyu

But Jeongyeon finds it very uncomfortable.

On a recent episode of Knowing BrosTWICE‘s Chaeyoung revealed a special group tradition that started because of Tzuyu.

On this episode, Chaeyoung asked the cast to guess TWICE’s special tradition.

Kim Young Chul and Lee Soo Geun started off the quiz by guessing, “You hug each other first thing in the morning“, and “You kiss each other.

Kim Hee Chul and Kang Ho Dong took this hint and answered, “You give each other special birthday kisses.

Chaeyoung explained further by saying,

“When a fan asked Tzuyu what she wanted for her birthday, she said she wanted kisses from her fellow members. That’s how it started. But she actually meant love, not kisses.”

However, it was also brought up that Jeongyeon gets really uncomfortable when she receives kisses.

Watch the heartwarming clip below:

Source: MBC Sports Plus