Filipina Celeb Cassy Legaspi Upped Her Cardio Game With TWICE And BLACKPINK

She added some extra fun to her treadmill workout with TWICE and BLACKPINK:

Most of us can agree that when it comes to cardio, we need a little music to help us get through the workout. But Filipina actress Cassy Legaspi recently took her cardio workout to new levels with TWICE and BLACKPINK.


Cassy’s father, actor and director Zoren Legaspi, recently uploaded a video of Cassy’s workout to his Instagram. In the video, Cassy not only gets her treadmill workout in, but she also grooves along to TWICE’s “Fancy”!


But she didn’t just add some TWICE to her workout! Cassy also had some fun with BLACKPINK too!


Although cardio can be not so great, Cassy made her workout look 200% more fun. But with TWICE and BLACKPINK, you’re always guaranteed to have a more enjoyable experience!

Source: GMA Network