Here’s Why TWICE’s Chaeyoung Acts Like A Man In The Dorm, According To The Members

It’s unique to her 😂

In a past interview with 1theK, TWICE was asked which member acts like a man in the dorm. They were initially unsure until Dahyun picked Chaeyoung, and she had a concrete reason for choosing her!

She revealed that Chaeyoung has the tendency to make low noises when she brushes her teeth.

When she brushes her teeth…you know the noises she makes?

— Dahyun

Her members immediately knew what she was referring to, and they hilariously reenacted what they had seen Chaeyoung do many times before.

Based on their descriptions, she makes loud sounds each time.

Nayeon further explained Chaeyoung’s habit, saying, “Since Chaeyoung is part of a girl group, a nicer way of explaining it is...” then she proceeded to mimic a low voice.

Much to TWICE’s amusement, Chaeyoung then joked that she once almost threw up because of it!

Concluding, she explained that the reason she makes sounds when she brushes her teeth is because it helps her feel cleaner.

I guess I don’t feel completely clean if I don’t make sounds.

— Chaeyoung

Catch more funny stories in the full video below!

Source: YouTube