TWICE Chaeyoung’s Airport Fashion Delivered Powerful Messages Of Self-Love

No one can drop knowledge and style like Chaeyoung.

Not only is TWICE‘s Chaeyoung outspoken, but she sets and follows her own rules. Keeping in line with being the total badass she is, she made a powerful statement with her recent airport fashion: the importance of self-love.

On the front of the sweatshirt she seemingly designed herself, Chaeyoung wrote the phrase “Be Yourself” in big, pink letters. The first step of loving yourself is accepting that you’re who you’re meant to be. There’s no need to change yourself when you can simply be. That wasn’t the only powerful message on her sweatshirt.

On the bottom corner of it, Chaeyoung wrote the phrase, “I love you. But, I don’t know tomorrow.” In the process of loving others, you can still love yourself by being honest about your feelings.

Right underneath that quote, there was another: “In the big picture, life has a gap in it. It just does. You don’t go crazy trying to fill it.” This tied into the self-love theme, explaining that it could drive someone crazy trying to change themselves when it’s something that isn’t as fulfilling as merely accepting themselves as they are.

Not only did her sweatshirt have powerful messages of self-empowerment and love, but her bag delivered a message as well. She’d chosen lyrics from one of her favorite songs ever.

These lyrics from Hamel‘s “Breezy” were written on the front of her bag beside a bright, yellow sun: “Cause life just feels so breezy / So comfortable and easy / This sad and sullen winter night seems tropical and bright / Like champagne-colored drops of neon light.”

To tie all her messages together, Chaeyoung pointed out the happiness and ease that comes with accepting yourself and enjoying life as it comes.

Chaeyoung is genuinely an artist. Her style and art always comes with different meanings, even if fans can’t figure them out every time.