TWICE Chaeyoung becomes an instant girl crush with latest hair transformation

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung recently surprised fans with a shocking hair transformation at the Golden Disk Awards

Without warning, Chaeyoung stepped onto the red carpet with her group members debuting her shortest hairstyle yet. While Chaeyoung has sported a variety of styles, ranging from long pigtails to a short bob, her latest look now leaves her with the shortest cut in TWICE. Meanwhile, member Jeongyeon has promised to grow out her hair this year.

While the co-maknaes Chaeyoung and fellow 99-liner Tzuyu are often regarded as the babies of TWICE, Chaeyoung’s new hairstyle definitely gives her more of a mature look. In fact, her new haricut paired with a classy black dress really gave off an air of elegance.

Check out some photos of Chaeyoung in her new look below:

chaeyoung 1
Chaeyoung shows off her new look on the red carpet

chaeyoung 2
She actually fits the look perfectly

chaeyoung 4
She looks more mature and refined with this styling

chaeyoung 6
An air of elegance with such a classy look

chaeyoung 7
The look works with her stage outfit too

chaeyoung 8
Her look might have changed, but she’s still the same Chaeyoung

But she's still a young maknae at heart
She’s still a young maknae at heart